Walk in shower enclosures for contemporary style

Shower EnclosuresThese days, the height in bathroom fashion is a walk in shower enclosure. Gone are the days of having to stumble in and out of a bath, slipping and sliding in the process, and clinging on to a mouldy shower curtain. The fashion nowadays is for the simplicity and clean lines embodied by the walk in shower enclosures.

If you have the room, it really is the best option. You do need to have quite a bit of room for these, as of course, there needs to be enough of a ‘wall’ to stop the water from escaping, and then room for an exit. You may be pleasantly surprised how they can be designed to fit into smaller bathrooms, however! A good option if you do have a smaller bathroom is to tile the whole floor so that a little spillage isn’t a problem.

The ease of use with one of these is fantastic. After having used one in a hotel, I was depressed to return to my own plastic shower enclosure with its annoying little raised door on which I was forever stubbing my toe, and irritating door seal that was always developing mould. It also has an annoying plastic-y-ness about it that I truly despise. For both aesthetic and practical reasons, I would love to have a walk in shower.

Ideally, I would have a walk in shower enclosure in a fully tiled bathroom with several different shower heads spouting water from different angles – that, to me, is absolute luxury (as it probably is to any cold-blooded person). Add to that a heated towel rail and few scented candles and I’m in heaven. The thing is, if you want your shower to be a luxurious experience, it can be. If you want a purely utilitarian experience, you can also have that. I know quite a few people who don’t like to make a fuss of their showering. Curiously, walk in shower enclosures seems to chime well with both approaches.

There is something wonderfully utilitarian about them, with their pure simplicity, something quite business-like and effective. To me, a good walk in shower seems like the Rolls Royce of showers – it gets the job done, and in the most sleek and efficient way possible. They are showy, without being too showy. They have that Scandinavian purposefulness about them. They really are one of the rare items you can get for your home that is simultaneously very cool and yet also very understated. You can have a very expensive walk in shower system and not look like you’re trying to show off. You simply look like you want to have a very nice, quick and efficient shower.

I truly cannot overstate how much I love a walk in shower. If I had my way, I would have a huge room for a walk in shower kind of like the communal showers at a swimming pool. It’s just a personal opinion, but I would take a lovely, scalding hot shower over a Jacuzzi or a hot tub any day.



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