Your secret design weapon: the towel rail

It is often the quirky, small details of a bathroom that make it stand out from the rest. This means that your choice of small items like taps is very important to the overall design of your bathroom. But how can you bring your bathroom from being just a ‘nice’ bathroom to being a ‘great’ bathroom? How can you put your own design stamp onto what is often a bathroom suite bought altogether from a showroom? Well, the towel rail is an overlooked feature that can actually bring a real level of sophistication to any bathroom.
When I say towel rail, I don’t mean the plain metal rail you may have now. I’m talking about a feature towel rail that is a beautiful object in its own right; not just designed to hold towels, but to be displayed. The boundary between heated towel rails and bathroom radiators is beginning to blur (generally a heated towel rail looks quite like a radiator anyway), so I will discuss both of these.
Some of the most beautiful towel rails/ radiators I have seen are the thin, vertical types. These are quite suitable for a very small bathroom as they take up hardly any space, and can look quite ‘art nouveau.’ Think of the thin, straight lines utilised by art nouveau designer Rennie Mackintosh. Because of this vintage connection, I feel that these types of towel rails for bathrooms are best suited to a vintage type of bathroom; an Edwardian or perhaps Victorian styled bathroom, with contemporary elements.
Another great idea for an old-fashioned or heritage type of bathroom is to make a feature of an old-fashioned column radiator. These can be bought in many contemporary varieties nowadays, so can be more or less thick as you wish, but you can also purchase an original, reconditioned column radiator. Bear in mind that these do take up quite a bit of space, so will only really be appropriate in larger bathrooms. Also, try not to overload your bathroom with large features. If you already have quite a few, it is perhaps best to stay away from the bulky column radiator.
Another option for the vintage styled bathroom is to have a traditional towel rail. Again, these are a great-looking design feature that goes best with either Edwardian or Victorian-type bathrooms. A traditional towel rail is basically a chrome rack with a small, mini-radiator attached to the middle to heat the towels. They resemble today’s electric towel rails (with the radiator in the middle), but have the added chic of being vintage.
In homes with a contemporary style, chrome ladder towel rails for bathrooms are great. They also have the added advantage of being very effective at heating up your towels, and what could be more comforting on a cold winter day? Chrome rails come in various different designs these days, all of which can be very striking and look great when installed next to one of the stylish bi fold shower enclosures that are now available. I particularly like black towel rails in a contemporary bathroom, however. They’re just that little bit more unusual and look great against white or light-coloured walls.

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