Head to The Bathroom Store for some new ideas in bathroom design

The Bathroom StoreIf you are thinking about redesigning your bathroom, perhaps you should have a look at the Bathroom Store for some new ideas. Trends in bathroom design change all the time and there are some fantastic new products at the moment that you may never have even thought about.

Have you ever considered changing the type of toilet you have for example? Most people simply accept that the close coupled toilet is the only type of toilet available, when in actual fact there are several different options nowadays.

For example, you could have a wall-hung toilet. You may have seen these in the toilets of restaurants, pubs or hotels. A wall-hung toilet is where the actual toilet bowl is attached to the wall, and the cistern is hidden inside the wall. Many people consider the cistern to be quite an eye sore, and it also takes up a lot of room in a small bathroom, so a wall-hung toilet is an option to consider. Bear in mind, however, that it does involve a major remodelling of your bathroom as your wall will have to be reinforced to be able to take the weight of a toilet attached to it, as well as the weight of people sitting on it. The guys at the Bath Store ought to be able to help you out there, though.

Another option you may never have considered is to have a reconditioned high level toilet. Again, you may have seen these toilets in old fashioned public conveniences. These are the old type of toilet where the cistern is attached high up on the wall, and the flush lever hangs down on a chain. They are actually very attractive if you have a big bathroom, and have a very appealing vintage chic. While the original high level toilets were removed due to their propensity for dripping on the heads of sitters, these days the reconditioned toilets are very unlikely to do that. You can also buy completely brand new versions of the old toilets. It’s something to consider if you’re a fan of vintage style

Another unusual but popular trend at the moment is to have two sinks in the bathroom; one for her and one for him. While this is strictly probably unnecessary, it can be a really nice design feature. Each sink is usually far smaller than a full-sized sink, so the double sink area doesn’t take up much more room than one sink usually would. This would usually suit a bigger bathroom, however

Lastly, have you ever thought about changing your shower head? Nowadays, several interesting new designs have been introduced to the bathroom market such as the ‘cloudburst’ showerhead design. This is an extremely large showerhead – sometimes as large as your whole shower enclosure – that creates a real drench of water for a truly refreshing shower experience. Again, this is just another new feature of bathroom design that you may never have previously considered.

Head to The Bathroom Store to see all of these features for yourself and for plenty more design ideas. You may be surprised at how inventive bathroom design has become.

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