Free standing baths for ultimate bathroom luxury

Some time ago freestanding baths went out of fashion. Possibly because housing began to reduce in size, and possibly because a free standing bath that was shoved up next to a wall created all sorts of hygiene problems. Nowadays, however, modern houses are beginning to be built with slightly more spacious bathrooms – family bathrooms, they are called – as people are beginning to prioritise their bathrooms a little more. A bathroom is no longer simply a place to have a quick wash and brush your teeth, but a communal space where parents bathe their children and couples go through their nightly routine together.

Perhaps because of this, freestanding baths are again the height of fashion in a bathroom accessory, for both contemporary and old fashioned styles of bathroom. Larger houses these days most often have en-suites attached to the master bedroom with a small shower, so the family bathroom is just that. A freestanding bath provides ease of access to bathe the little ones, and even gives them plenty of room to share a bath.

For the absolute height of luxury, however, you need a traditional roll-top bath. Perfectly designed to cradle your body, there is something incredibly self-indulgent but wonderful about a slipper roll-top bath. There truly is no better way to unwind after work. New traditionally designed baths have special thermal properties, too, which mean they retain heat better than the old cast iron baths ever did, and are warm to the touch (anyone who have ever bathed in a cast iron bath will tell you how cold the metal is when you first get in). This means you can have the best of both worlds – old fashioned glamour, and contemporary function.

Perhaps the most interesting thing about the resurgence of freestanding baths at the moment, however, is their liberation from the bathroom. New trends in interior design are placing the freestanding bath in the bedroom instead, or, indeed, anywhere you want in the house!

Gone is that old Victorian idea that the bath is an intensely private thing. Instead, couples are installing baths purely for the purpose of bathing together. Parents are installing miniature baths in their young children’s bedrooms, just to make bath time that little bit more enjoyable. Baths are being installed in front of plate glass windows for a wonderful view while bathing. You may want to put the close coupled toilet in an area that’s a little more private, however.

Of course, this isn’t practical for everyone. If your window looks onto the back of a row of houses, probably best not to place your bath right in front of it. If you have teenage children, don’t place your bath on the landing. I imagine they wouldn’t appreciate your nakedness. It is nice, however, to see the experience of the bath considered above the privacy of the experience. If you do have the option, looking at a beautiful view while bathing is truly relaxing. If you don’t, however, perhaps you could consider installing a Velux window or sky light? This would allow you to bask in the sunshine during the day and watch the stars from your bath at night, without being exposed to the neighbours.

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