Create the illusion of space in a small bathroom

Without extending your bathroom, it is not possible to actually get more space in your small bathroom. However, how small the bathroom feels depends a lot on its furniture and design. While you can’t improve your bathroom’s space, you can definitely create the illusion of space.
The first step in going about this is having a good look at your bathroom. The room will be a certain shape and the plumbing will be in certain places limiting your options as to how you can change it (of course you can change the plumbing if you wish, but this would be a larger job). Look at your bathroom carefully and, if necessary, draw a plan of it so that you can see it clearly. It’s essential to use your space properly in a small bathroom, so figure out exactly where your toilet, shower and basin should go.
You may be able to fit your shower into a smaller space than you thought. Have you considered having a quadrant shaped shower? This is where the shower is basically fit into a corner and cut across at a diagonal to make the door. You can then choose to have a bi folding door attached, so that it only requires a swing of half its width to open (and it can open either inwards or outwards, whichever is more spacious). If you happen to have a square space where it seems the shower should go, you can also choose to have inward or outward bi-folding doors attached to this, again saving space. You might be surprised by how much sleeker it is to have a shower door that doesn’t bang into anything on its way out.
Remember that you can choose to have a miniature basin rather than a full-sized one. Miniature basins function just as well as bigger ones, and are perfectly suitable for all bathroom purposes. You can either have them attached to the wall, so that the plumbing is hidden inside, or attached to a vanity unit to combine your basin with storage. Generally, all bathrooms require storage space, even the tiniest ones. Bathroom vanity units come in all sizes and colours so that they are suitable for any bathroom and allow you to cleverly conceal plumbing while storing your bathroom accessories at the same time.
Bathroom vanity units are a great way to conceal your toilet cistern.  This is just as simple as it sounds. The cistern sits within the cabinet, while the toilet bowl is attached to the front. The whole vanity unit is attached securely to the wall so that it can take the weight of the sitter. This can look just as tidy and compact as a wall hung toilet, but requires far less effort to install. Wall hung toilets have to have concealed cisterns embedded into the actual wall, and the wall itself has to be strengthened in order to support the weight of a person, which requires a great deal of renovation as you can imagine. They can be a great solution for a very small bathroom, however.

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