Contemporary trends in bathroom furniture

Contemporary bathroom design is all about two trends; the ultra-modern and the heritage. Ultra-modern bathroom furntiture is, of course, all about sleek clean lines, minimalism and function. Heritage, meanwhile, is the celebration of the old fashioned standards – free-standing baths, old fashioned bathroom suites, traditional and refurbished fittings.

They both have their appeal, but the major appeal of the contemporary style is in its functionality. Here’s where you can utilise the best of all new inventions in bathroom fittings and furniture. For example, why have those pesky old fashioned hot and cold taps when you can have a swish swivelling mixer tap and never burn your hands again? Why have a clunky sink when you could have a free-standing vanity unit with drawers that slide out with effortless ease, and sink back in without a sound. There is no struggling with your furniture when you choose contemporary style.

Not to mention, you can choose to have the best in powerful, modern electric showers installed, perhaps in a particularly chic walk-in shower enclosure. For the ultimate in luxury, you can even choose to have a heated toilet seat installed.

However, heritage bathroom furniture also has its appeal. Vintage is very fashionable at the moment in all areas of fashion and interior design, and the bathroom is not excluded. In fact, some reconditioned bathroom fittings are so coveted that you will pay a pretty penny for them. While a contemporary shower in a walk-in shower enclosure, with multiple shower heads and all the trapping, is a luxurious experience, a traditional bath can be just as luxurious

It may not be practical for a small bathroom, but if you have the room, a cast iron free-standing Victorian bath can look incredibly stylish, especially if combined with the right fittings. Although it may seem contrary to common sense, in fact, a refurbished bath shower mixer is actually now the height of heritage fashion. Yes, it may well be too hot when you first get in and then too cold later, but for many people the vintage cool of the item makes it worth it.

The most important thing to remember when choosing bathroom fittings is that only the very able interior designer can combine these two styles effectively. Generally, it’s a good idea to stay well away from the combination of contemporary and heritage styles. Most importantly, you bathroom furniture must match. That means it must be complementary, if not the same colour. Rarely, this can be achieved with a mixture of white and black furniture – but it is a dangerous thing to attempt. Black and red, or red and white can also look good together in a very contemporary bathroom, but generally it is best to stick to just one colour.

For a heritage bathroom, some good colours to use are egg-shell whites, blues and greens. In many cases, however, heritage fittings can be successfully combined with bright, modern wall colourings, to give that contemporary edge. Just enough vintage is very cool, but you don’t want your bathroom to look like a museum.

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