Create the illusion of space in a small bathroom

vanity unit

Without extending your bathroom, it is not possible to actually get more space in your small bathroom. However, how small the bathroom feels depends a lot on its furniture and design. While you can’t improve your bathroom’s space, you can definitely create the illusion of space. The first step in going about this is having [...]

Bathroom cabinets and storage options

bathroom cabinet

It is essential in every bathroom to have a great deal of storage. Most people keep quite a lot of things in the bathroom which they would rather not have on display. Cleaning products such as bleach, for example, shavers and personal hygiene products do not exactly make for great design features. Luckily, most contemporary [...]

Contemporary trends in bathroom furniture

Contemporary bathroom design is all about two trends; the ultra-modern and the heritage. Ultra-modern bathroom furntiture is, of course, all about sleek clean lines, minimalism and function. Heritage, meanwhile, is the celebration of the old fashioned standards – free-standing baths, old fashioned bathroom suites, traditional and refurbished fittings.

They both have their appeal, but the [...]