Bathroom cabinets and storage options

It is essential in every bathroom to have a great deal of storage. Most people keep quite a lot of things in the bathroom which they would rather not have on display. Cleaning products such as bleach, for example, shavers and personal hygiene products do not exactly make for great design features. Luckily, most contemporary bathroom designs incorporate some great storage options too.
But first of all, here’s a quick guide to what you definitely shouldn’t do when it comes to bathroom storage. On occasion, I have seen shelving above baths. Now, while this could work if it was very well designed, generally shelving above baths is quite dangerous and unnecessary. The steam from the hot bath can make the objects on the shelf slippery and cause them to fall off. The steam will also cause the wood of the shelf to degenerate and rot, which means that the shelf itself can easily fall off. An over-bath shelf is also prone to becoming mouldy, and can be very difficult to clean.
Another place you should never put storage is in front of the door. In very small bathrooms, you may have no other space, but you should always turn to other options before obstructing the door space in any way. Even a tiny bathroom should not feel cramped in any way. Whatever you do, do not place bathroom cabinets and storage on the wall at head height in front of the door. This of course causes anyone entering to bang their heads.
So what should you do for bathroom storage? Well, with a contemporary bathroom, bathroom cabinets and storage shouldn’t be a problem at all. There are plenty of bathroom cabinets and storage available from The Bath Store which incorporate basins and mirrors. The toilet itself can even be made to be part of a vanity unit, with the cistern kept inside. The basin plumbing is conveniently hidden within the unit, leaving plenty of space inside to keep bathroom essentials. These vanity units come in all shapes, sizes and colours to suit every bathroom. They are especially useful for very small bathrooms where space is at a premium. Most bathrooms require a mirror, so why not use the space behind the mirror as storage space? Mirrored cabinets have always been a great way to use that space as bathroom storage.
However, with traditional types of bathroom much of the bathroom furniture is freestanding, and the plumbing is designed to be exposed on purpose. This does not leave much room for storage space. In this case, it is even more necessary to utilise the above-basin mirror and cabinet combination. In vintage bathrooms it is also often a good idea to bring in a separate piece of traditional furniture to house bathroom accessories and towels. Otherwise, you could choose to have a combination of contemporary and vintage pieces in your bathroom. This means that you could pair a functional and spacious contemporary vanity unit along with your heritage bathroom suite; combining the ease and convenience of modern furniture with the elegance of vintage.

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