History of showers


Showers have been around for as long as people have, but not in the form we recognise today. Ancient people discovered that washing under a waterfall was far more effective than simply bathing in standing water. They then tried to imitate this phenomenon by pouring jugs and barrels of water over themselves. It is thought [...]

Walk in shower enclosures

walk in shower enclosures

Personally, I’m a big advocate of walk in shower enclosures. I’d really like to see them replacing every other type of shower enclosure in the near future; they’re just so much more convenient! Consider this: could there be anything more annoying in the bathroom than that little area underneath the door that you can never [...]

Our day at the Bath Store

bathroom taps

I’ve never really considered myself to be ‘into’ interior design or anything, but it’s funny how things can change once you buy a house. My husband and I bought a nice old tenement flat recently for a very decent price. It didn’t need major redesign or anything, but its fittings were a little shabby. I [...]