Concealed cisterns for small bathrooms

concealed cistern

Most people these days have close coupled toilets, and have never considered installing any other kind of toilet. Close coupled toilets are where concealed cisterns are attached to the back of the toilet bowl for convenient and easy flushing. However, toilet cisterns actually take up quite a bit of room and that makes all the [...]

Create the illusion of space in a small bathroom

vanity unit

Without extending your bathroom, it is not possible to actually get more space in your small bathroom. However, how small the bathroom feels depends a lot on its furniture and design. While you can’t improve your bathroom’s space, you can definitely create the illusion of space. The first step in going about this is having [...]

Bathroom cabinets and storage options

bathroom cabinet

It is essential in every bathroom to have a great deal of storage. Most people keep quite a lot of things in the bathroom which they would rather not have on display. Cleaning products such as bleach, for example, shavers and personal hygiene products do not exactly make for great design features. Luckily, most contemporary [...]

Save space in your bathroom with a bi fold shower enclosure


Are you struggling with the type of clumsy bathroom where your shower door opens onto your sink, and you have to practically climb over the toilet in order to leave the room? It sounds as though you need a bathroom redesign, because even tiny bathrooms can be elegant with the right features. If you have [...]

Bathroom inspiration from The Bathroom Store


Whether you’re looking for an ultra-modern and minimalist or romantic and glamorous traditional bathroom, there’s inspiration available from The Bathroom Store in five different styles. Their first inspirational idea is the wetroom. Basically, wetrooms are bathrooms that have been waterproofed to allow walk in shower enclosures to be installed. Although this sounds like a substantial [...]

Why choose a walk in shower enclosure?

walk in shower

Walk in shower enclosures are slightly more unusual than the shower trays more commonly used in today’s bathrooms, so what makes them different, and why do some people choose to walk into their showers while others like to step in? Well, firstly because the walk in shower does not have an actual ‘tray’ to hold [...]

Your secret design weapon: the towel rail

towel rail

It is often the quirky, small details of a bathroom that make it stand out from the rest. This means that your choice of small items like taps is very important to the overall design of your bathroom. But how can you bring your bathroom from being just a ‘nice’ bathroom to being a ‘great’ [...]

February offers at The Bath Store


At the moment, there are some great offers available at The Bath Store in every area of bathroom design including baths, basins, toilets, furniture, showering, taps, heating and more! Here’s a quick guide to what’s on offer right now. If you are looking for a freestanding bath, you can now receive up to 50% off [...]